Uruguay Salesforce Developer Group

Salesforce1 Worldwide Developer Week: Montevideo


This is a global event where Salesforce Developer Groups across the world will be meeting to talk about Salesforce1.

We are proud to be part of the 1.5 Million developers in the Salesforce Developer Community and are celebrating by taking part in Salesforce1 Developer Week on May 2nd.

Join us for a hands-on look at Salesforce1 where you’ll be able to build an app and grab an exclusive event t-shirt (while supplies last).  

We’ll have new books and swag for you and plenty of resources for you to work on your first S1 app. RSVP now to claim your spot in the worldwide event!

Breakout sessions:

• Salesforce 1 and the internet of things: How to control your house or office remotely using SF1 + NodeJS + Arduino (@geekymartian)

• The Force.com Canvas spark: Integrating an existing mobile app built on Ionic + AngularJS into Salesforce1 using Force.com Canvas. (@aldoforce)

• The challenges of enabling an existing Appexchange app for Salesforce1: Invoices for Salesforce (@kognoz) 

Location: Nima

Bill Me! Invoices for Salesforce


Our meeting this month involves invoicing in a CRM! (don’t look weird, we are Salesforce guys, we love this :))

Fernando Israel from Kognoz is presenting Invoices for SalesforceInvoices for Salesforce is a 1-click to invoices straight out of the sales data. 

Fernando will be showing how to record payments against the invoices, and have complete visibility into Accounts/Receivables, right within Salesforce, along the customers and sales data.

We will be at Nima HQ from 5PM to 6PM UYST.
Sarandi 675, Suite 2. Montevideo (map)

You cannot see the other 200 attendees because they are on the other side of the pictures :)

We had an intimate UYSDUG meeting this time, sharing our thoughts about voice technologies and Salesforce capabilities / limitations using Twilio in particular. 

Phone Services in Salesforce: Rapid integration with Twilio


Hi There!

Our fourth meeting is going Techie!

Fernando and Gabriel from Nimacloud will be giving a presentation about Twilio platform, its features, and how to create a quick app in Salesforce that takes advantage of its Phone services.

The meeting will be taking place 29th August at

Kognoz Headquarters, 18 de Julio 959, Montevideo (map)

RSVP at our meetup place! 


Our third meeting was a great success!
Thanks to all that make this possible, looking forward to the next one!

Our third meeting was a great success!

Thanks to all that make this possible, looking forward to the next one!

Uruguay on the DUG Map


Uruguay is now part of the Salesforce Developer User Group map. 

Check it out here!

We are very proud of this and it wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of all our community. 

Thanks to all!

Mobile Developer Week

Join us for the Uruguay DUG session of Mobile Developer Week! 40 Salesforce DUGs from around the world will be meeting during this week, and all will be discussing mobile development and the new Salesforce Platform Mobile Services.

Presentation: Enabling RESTful services for Customer Portal MOBILE Users

Presenters: Aldo Fernandez (@aldoforce) and Bruno Fagundez (@geekymartian)

For those that cannot attend but want to see the presentation online here is the link and phone numbers to dial in:

1.  Please join my meeting, 25 April 2013 at 19:00 Hora estándar de Montevideo. 

Salesforce Meetup Uruguay. Montevideo 25 April 2013.

Awesome conference from Aldo Fernandez and Bruno Fagundez on how to enable REST services for Customer Portal from Mobile. 

Can’t wait for next meeting!